It's important for us to share how we approach your day even before it starts. We are the type of cinematographers who get involved, who meet with couples, who ask questions, who want to know the tiniest details, which loved ones are most important to you for us to capture, what are your favorite spots at the venue, what song(s) you select for your ceremony. These details are our foundation for the perfect cinematic story we plan on creating for you, we are there sight and sound and these are the steps we take to make your day about you:

PLANNING our journey

We draft the screenplay of your story after a careful online discussion. We leave no stone unturned, we want to know everything you dreamt your day to be and what makes your heart beat: from the preparations and ceremony all the way to the rising sun of the day that follows. After sharing your vision with us, we present our ideas, talk them through and map out a timeline of events. What we look out for:

  1. Timeline - the full picture of your day, all its events and intricacies in the palm of our hands;
  2. Location scouting - measuring the venue, finding the perfect spots for light to create breathtaking shots;
  3. Your loved ones - a list of your closest family members and friends so we have them in our sights on your wedding day; we take special care to include them into this life-long memory we aim to capture for you;
  4. Ceremony - ensuring we have the most picture-perfect idea of how it goes down: from the speeches to the location and timeline;
  5. Wedding planner - to finish off those last touches, we reach out to your wedding planner and finalize the key details;

capturing your engagement

This is where our journey takes off: if you choose us as your cinematic storytellers, we offer a completely free engagement session shoot a couple of days before your wedding. This way, we connect not just through words, but also through photography, giving you an idea of our workflow and style. Following the engagement shoot, we carefully edit and prepare your photos to be selected and projected on your wedding day for your friends and family to enjoy.

a day for a lifetime

With your screenplay drafted, your engagement captured, we are prepared for the final ride of our journey. While we are building your story through our lenses, we give you the space and the time to be you: to enjoy your day to the fullest, blast out your emotions and share this truly magical day with your loved ones. We keep to the background, but we're always there, adding layer upon layer to the cinematic journey that is your wedding.


You deserve to be showered with gifts. Our way of showing this is a luxury varnished wedding box including ten printed photographs of your choice. We seal, box and ship this gift to you as a sign of appreciation for sharing the most important day of your lives with us.

next week teaser

We understand. Waiting for your first couple of photographs and clips is always tantalizing. But we won't keep you waiting for long. To contain your anticipation, we prepare a teaser package of photographs and a trailer within the week after you wedding day.

staying in touch

Part of the journey is the end. But it doesn't have to be. Want to stay in touch? Whenever you need us for another shoot, a different edit, we are there for you. We always keep all our couples close to our hearts, and we build these relationships, like your memories, not just for a few weeks, but for a lifetime.

ready to get in touch?

Reach out to us and we will send you our offering in email form.